T-Minus: 6 days

Last night I got the call.

“you’ll be flying out on Sunday”

The original plan was for me to start teaching in Korea in October. I had completed the application process too late. September positions were already full. Then my recruiter calls me Thursday night at 9:30;

“you remember how I said how we won’t have any positions until October?”
“How do you feel about leaving in 10 days?”

And then I said yes. Yes to rushing my contract to me and applying for my visa at the Korean Embassy. Yes to shopping for the clothes and gear I’ll need. Yes to cramming as much Korean language as possible, and yes to saying goodbye to friends and family. So my recruiter said they’d push me through and notify me when a contract from EPIK, the South Korean public school system, was on it’s way.

Last night I got the call. The contract will arrive on Tuesday morning. I fly out in 6 days.

6. Days. Oh man.

I’m still a little in shock. I was planning on starting this adventure at the end of October. This would have given me more time to let Korea sink in to my friends and family and it would have given me more time to prepare mentally and physically. With all this in mind, I still want to start now. I don’t want to put off this dream. I want to start now. The job I have now, I am wasting my time. Going to South Korea will not just be an adventure in another country, It will also provide me with valuable classroom experience that will aid me in my efforts to go to grad school and ultimately, to become a teacher in America. The sooner I can leave and depart, the better.

Now I have a lot to do. This is the calm before the storm

Here is my current itinerary for this week:

Dinner with N.
Take stock of clothes and items,  confirm luggage pieces, start to organize what I have

Contract arrives 10:30 AM
Go to NYC and apply for E-2 Visa @ Korean Embassy, confirm when the visa will be ready for pickup
Notify recruiter of expected Visa pickup date, confirm flight schedule
Shop for clothes (polos, khakis, long sleeve shirts)
Buy Adapters/converters, electronics gear
Buy a camera
Buy a Winter Coat
Meet Dad at 9pm for Coffee

Last day of work
Call bank and inform them I’ll be going to korea
Cancel car insurance
cancel cell phone service

Renew Drivers License (it expires in 2 months)
Get oil change/Car wash
Get gift for coworkers (Vitamins? – I’ll explain later)
Dinner with Mom and Sister

Pick up E-2 Visa from Korean Embassy
Confirm Itinerary with recruiter for when I land
Sabbath dinner at Mom’s

Going-Away party with friends


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